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It’s a new world and it’s up to you to take advantage of it!
It wasn’t so long ago that testosterone loss was simply considered a fact of life. Our fathers and grandfathers really did not have any options when they began to experience Low T – related issues, such as:

Although study after study has shown that Low T is responsible for each of these symptoms, our fathers and grandfathers did not have access to that important information or a method of safely reintroducing testosterone into their bodies. Today, it is as simple as calling for an appointment and having your T levels tested. If – like 13 million other males in the U.S. over the age of 40 – your numbers are low, our medical professionals are here to discuss the best treatment options for your specific set of circumstances.

There is no reason to accept low libido, fatigue and irritability as a “normal” part of the aging process. In fact, your initial treatment followed by a booster every 7 to 10 days can be enough to keep you in the game! Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is designed to introduce “balance” back into your body and fill you with the same vitality that once made life feel like such an adventure.

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*New Patient Special

Initial consultation and blood work, only $99! While we are happy to accept payment by credit card or check, we will also work with you to find out if your insurance company is one of the many that routinely reimburses for testosterone replacement therapy. We know that cost is a consideration and frequently advise our patients to weigh the price of treatment against the potential emotional, physical and mental benefits of TRT. We are especially proud to offer programs that will fit into most budgets with plans starting at only $29.99 per week. This is not simply a “starter” plan, either. That $29.99 per week includes ,all testosterone injections, a free B12 injection per month, and continual follow up. We have looked at the other clinics in the area and are convinced that ours is the most comprehensive, affordable program available.

At Aurora Medical Weight Loss we initially looked at testosterone treatment as part of an overall weight loss program for men. What we have found is that there is so much more! Where else can you find a way to lose weight, feel stronger, be more alert, regain sexual stamina, and smile more often?


*It is natural to have questions. Here are some of the most common:

• Do I have to bring a lifetime of medical records to my first appointment?

Any information you can provide will be helpful, but the truth is, your blood test will tell us most of what we need to know in order to assess your situation.

• I don’t have an entire day to waste. How long will an appointment take?

You will generally be in and out of that initial appointment in less than 30 minutes. Subsequent appointments will take even less time.

• What can I expect during that first appointment?

We will ask you to fill out a medical questionnaire. That questionnaire becomes our first step in understanding your current state of health. A physician will give you a quick physical exam and review any symptoms you may be having. Blood work is ordered, including a Total and Free Testosterone level and Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA). These are the tests that show us in black and white the testosterone levels we are working with.

• How long will it take for me to receive lab results?

We normally receive test results back in 3-5 days, but will share them with you at 7- day follow-up appointment.

• Why do I need follow-up appointments?

There are a couple of reasons for this. First, we are not a clinic that takes your payment, gives you a shot, and leaves you to your own devices. We want to know how you’re doing and develop a relationship that allows you to ask any questions you may have. You will also receive follow-up boosters in order to retain that “balance” once it has been achieved.

• I work long hours. Will I be able to make an appointment?

We appreciate your long hours and do our best to accommodate you by extending our own clinic hours. Call our office to learn more.

• Wouldn’t I know if my testosterone levels were low?

Due to the severity of some Low T symptoms it would be easy to believe that any man could diagnose himself. Unfortunately, it is not that easy. Unlike other issues, such as menopause in females, the loss of testosterone – or andropause – reveals itself slowly. Those hormone levels are already on the decline by the time a man is in his mid-30s, and by the age of 45 they have fallen below “minimum” levels in 1 out of 2 men. You are likely at the peak of your profession, busy with family and other obligations and may not recognize that your symptoms are due to Low T.

• What kind of replacement testosterone do you use?

Our research has shown that the injectable testosterone Cypionate currently has the highest rate of success and is the most popular HRT in the U.S. It is our injectable of choice.

• When and where will I receive injections?

You will receive boosters every 7-10 days on alternating buttocks.

• What about side effects?

Here in lies the reason we do not simply give you a shot a watch you walk out the door. While side effects are rare and generally quite mild, we want to know about them so we can make immediate adjustments. They include:

It is important to note that each of these side effects is treatable.

• Does everyone qualify for TRT?

No. Your blood work and medical history will help your physician determine whether or not you are a candidate for Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Ultimately, we will only do what appears to be best for your body.

• Will the injections stimulate my body to begin producing its own testosterone?

No. While it would be great if we could jump-start our bodies into producing its own testosterone again, that is simply not the case. TRT is aimed at getting your levels back to normal so that you feel like the best version of yourself again!


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